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We offer TURN-KEY lighting solutions that make the most of your facility's efficiency capabilities.

TURN-KEY Lighting Upgrades

TURN-KEY solutions are customized to make the most use of your facility's interior and exterior lighting systems while reducing down overall costs. 

Financing Solutions

NO upfront cost financing.  Preserve your capital budget while reducing your carbon footprint with lower energy usage. Monthly charges that appear on your utility bills are offset through decreased energy usage.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions

Supply, design, and install full-spectrum EV charging stations services. 

Lighting Audits

Existing lighting infrastructure is analyzed to establish a customized plan to address your lighting needs and energy goals.

Warranty Management

Component failures, RMA submissions, and claim resolutions are all tracked in our warranty management software.

Energy Sourcing

Reliable suppliers combined with the best competitive prices.  We continuously monitor Energy Markets to assess future prices in order to get you the best deal.

Electrical Installation

Certified electrical installation services for all lighting
projects, EV installation, service upgrades for machinery and facilities.

Lighting Design

Comprehensive energy, lighting, and maintenance analysis for all projects are provided.

New Construction LED Install

Blueprint crossover packages with equivalent lighting spec’d by an architect to reduce the overall cost without compromising design.

Lighting Audit Form
Find out how much you can save! Schedule a free lighting audit.

Conveyer & Caster Warehouse

Full interior lighting install, design, and maintenance.


Buick GMC of Beachwood

Full exterior lighting install.

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