The Lighting Lady

“ I’m genuinely driven when innovation, scalability, and fiscal responsibility fuel smarter, safer, and cleaner energy solutions in a competitive market.  This inspired me to launch Green Systems”                                                                              - Donna Longrich


Donna Longrich is Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Green Systems- one of the first women-owned LED lighting firms in the United States. The company meets energy standards with innovative, cost-efficient, and safety-driven solutions that offer longevity.


With more than 20 years of commercial leasing, finance, and energy expertise, Donna drives LED Luminaire lighting and Energy Saving Solutions across commercial facilities.  Convinced that efficient, cost-effective energy is possible without extreme laws and suppressing policy, Donna saved thousands of operating dollars for major corporations, municipalities, and small businesses.


In addition to savings, she enhanced public safety with illumination conversions for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) projects including Cleveland’s I-90 inner-belt curve, Columbus Aviation Building, and ODOT Headquarters.


Before founding Green Systems, Donna led the Cleveland division for G/S Leasing where she structured Multimillion-dollar leasing alternatives for major corporations, manufacturers, and resellers.  Her early finance and leasing expertise started with Leasing Dynamics Incorporated (LDI) where she distinguished herself as a record-breaking strategist, networker, and producer of creative leasing alternatives.


Chief Illumination Officer

“The efficiency and higher efficacy quality of LED makes it a non-negotiable standard for companies moving forward”     -Chris Tjotjos

Chris Tjotjos is Co-Owner and Chief Illumination Officer for Cleveland-based Green Systems.- Chris is responsible for helping clients determine their strategic direction for purchasing and utilizes LED solutions.

With more than 25 years of experience in information technology, cost reduction and energy, Chris has a unique ability to put teams together to deploy innovative technology and cost optimization solutions to address client challenges.

Prior to Green Systems, Chris co-founded and successfully ran multiple businesses. 

  • Promithia is where Chris worked with clients to determine their strategic direction for purchasing and HR services, helping them not spend more than was necessary to acquire the goods and services they needed to run their businesses

  • LOGOS Communications is where Chris was President and CEO. LOGOS was an IT Integrator for major solution providers such as Cisco Systems.  After selling to publicly owned Black Box Networks Services, Chris stayed on and became Vice President of The Cisco Solutions Practice

Boards Served on  

  • From 2002 to 2016, a member of the Cisco Systems Partner Executive Exchange

  • 2003 to Present Conveyer & Caster

  • 2012 to Present Hinkley Lighting

  • 2016 to Present Leadership 100


Project Development Manager

Mike is the lead Project Development Manager of Green Systems. He is a State Licensed Master Electrician and highly experienced lighting expert.

He has 20+ years of electrical installation experience in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Mike has 10 years of electrical project experience and lighting project development.


His areas of expertise include:

  • Auditing

  • Project specification

  • Rebate sourcing

  • Proposal writing

  • Energy-saving

  • Payback calculation

  • Securing Electrical Contractors for installation.

Mike has also completed numerous lighting projects across the U.S including Canada. Mike excels in his ability to train, motivate and supervise his team while overseeing each project.