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Parking Lot 


Buick GMC of Beachwood is a car dealership in northeast Ohio. This dealership is a certified Buick dealer that sells new and pre-owned vehicles.


Green Systems evaluated the lighting and energy needs of GMC Beechwood to determine what type of lighting distribution and wattage combination would provide both an effective and efficient lighting solution

Replaced all existing 1000w Metal Halide exterior parking lot lights with New High-Performance 250w LED Lights. 


  1. The existing exterior lighting fixtures at GMC were inefficient and many were not functioning at all.

  2. Repairing the existing fixtures to operational condition would be costly and also increase their monthly electrical cost while continuing to be inefficient.

  3. Repairing the existing 1,000w HID fixtures would not provide the lighting quality of a properly engineered LED lighting system.



The LED fixtures used for this project delivered a higher quality of lighting while reducing their consumption by 70%. With a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, GMC will avoid the cost of multiple lamps and ballast changes needed to maintain their previous HID fixtures.

  • Total Annual kWh saved= 266,479

  • 72.22% Savings

  • Utility Incentive Rebate= $11,659

  • 2.15yr Payback

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