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Reduce Cost.
Improve Quality.

We offer a full TURN-KEY solution for all your lighting and energy-saving needs.


Green Systems is a member of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association

Facility Assessment



The recommended LED lighting solution is entered for each existing fixture and calculates the proposed kWh usage, energy savings, and maintenance savings.

A complete lighting audit of our client's existing or new construction facility is done. Each lighting measure is customized to meet all of our client's objectives.

The lighting audit is completed by either

  • Walking through a facility

  • R​​​eviewing electrical blueprints.

We will calculate:

  • Energy Usage

  • Location

  • Quantity

  • Voltage



The facility assessment is reviewed to understand where your facility energy consumption is currently at and where you want it to be.

The lighting audit information is entered into our proprietary software to create key data. This then allows us to sit with our clients and review their goals and wish list.

The analysis will cover the following:

  • Total Project costs

  • Environmental Impact

  • Installation implementation

  • Disposal

  • Before and After kWh usage

  • Annual Energy Savings

  • Maintenance Savings

  • Payback

  • Cost of Waiting

Design & Engineering



Our expert engineering and lighting team will create lighting solutions that will meet or exceed our client's expectations.

  • Interior & Exterior Photometric Layouts

  • Daylight Harvesting

  • Aesthetics

  • Safety & Comfort

We use product-neutral solutions by using multiple manufacturers. This eliminates any financial barriers that may get in the way of potential energy savings. This allows us to meet each of our client's unique facility needs. 


Customizations include: 

  • Photometric Layouts

  • Daylight Harvesting

  • Aesthetics

  • Safety & Comfort

  • Lighting Controls

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Kelvin color

  • Lumen output/ Light Levels


Green Systems is a member of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association



A full turnkey proposal is prepared to include all technical, financial, and environmental aspects of the project. 

A total project cost of materials, labor, equipment, recycling/disposal, project management, financing options, utility rebates, and warranties are provided.

Our proposals customize the Scope of Work and include: 

  • Total kWH savings

  • Total Annual $ Energy Savings

  • Hours of Operation

  • Annual Environmental Impact

  • Project Cost with ROI

  • Energy Savings Annual Impact Cash Flow

  • Maintenance Savings

  • New Fixture Details

  • Cost of Waiting

  • Energy Usage Chart




Our financial options are perfect for creating neutral operating budgets or positive cash flow.

We create customized monthly payments that are lower than your energy savings. This allows no upfront costs and for projects to be approved now!

Eliminate the need for Capital Approval or upfront cash by choosing a customized financing package.


Packages can include the following:

  • Multiple Term Options

  • Competitive Rates

  • No upfront costs

  • Leasing of Hard costs and Soft costs

  • Equipment Financing Agreement




At this stage, we are ready to start implementing the LED Lighting conversion project.

​A pre-construction meeting is scheduled to review the procurement of material and to schedule our installers to begin the project.


Our project software allows us to track:

  • Our progress throughout the installation

  • Safety procedures

  • Product recycling

  • Lift deliveries

  • Rules for facility access.



Our dedication to each project goes far beyond just the completion. A closeout book is provided for each project. This will include all project specifications, contact information, and warrant documents. 

  • Our certified Electrical Contractors offer a one year warranty on all labor.

  • Product warranties range from 3-10 years

  • Green Systems holds Electrical License #21977

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