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Print Production Facility, Offices, Exterior Parking lot and Dock Fixtures


  • Replaced existing Fluorescent T5 High Bay fixtures in the Print Production Area with high-efficiency state of the art, made in the USA, LED  Linear High Bays.

  • Relamped all Fluorescent T8 and T5 office fixtures with New LED 4 foot lamps.

  • Replaced all Metal Halide Parking lot fixtures and Dock fixtures with New state of the art LED Fixtures.


With Ricoh’s Corporate initiative for pursuing green technology, Green Systems, was brought in to switch out and replace the existing dim and shadowy lighting throughout its Cleveland based facility.


Most know that LED lighting is well known for its light quality, energy efficiency and money saving qualities.  With our LED upgrade from Green Systems, we received all that and more.  The better LED lighting has led to a much brighter facility, admired by management, employees and our customers.  Ricoh’s better lit LED facility has removed poorly lit areas which has improved safety, has increased production (due to less eye strain), increased our morale from a brighter facility and even improved our quality by improving our barcode camera reads on our inserting machines.


I can’t thank the Green Systems Team enough for all the amazing customer service.  From quotation, to the initial walkthrough and throughout the installation, the complete process was a very seamless and easy process.  Ricoh considers the LED switchover from Green Systems to be one of the best facility improvements it ever made.

Thank you again!

Walt Harkins

Operations Manager



Ricoh was able to reduce its energy consumption by 32% with an LED to LED replacement solution. Overall,  they were able to reduce their total lighting consumption cost by more than 50%. 

  •  Annual kWh Saved= 133,398

  • 54.59% Savings

  • Utility rebate incentive= $10,758

  • 2.44yr Payback




The Ricoh facility had a combination of fluorescent and LED lighting technology illuminating its office and production areas.

  1. Ricoh was looking to replace both fluorescent and LED fixtures while increasing light levels and reducing energy consumption.

  2. The existing LED fixtures installed in the production areas were 12 years old.

  3. Other production areas were lit with fluorescent high bay fixtures.

  4. The exterior fixtures providing lighting for the parking lot and loading docks were ineffective. 

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