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Ohio Department of Transportaion

Aviation Facility

  • In the airplane hangar, we replaced the 1000w metal halide with high efficacy 180w LED high bays. 

  • Added zoning controls and daylight harvesting to ensure maximum energy savings. 

  • Replaced all the administration office lights with new LED 2x4 panels. 

  • Reduced quantities in many areas and added zoning controls in the training rooms. 

  • The exterior lights were replaced with 180w LED floodlights with custom optics to ensure even light spread with no glare.

  • Total Annual kWh saved= 254,542

  • 75.20% Savings

  • Utility Incentive Rebate= $25,000


ODOT’s Aviation program and statewide planning process take air travel and transport into consideration as an important part of Ohio’s vast transportation network, the fifth largest in the country.



  1. The ODOT Aviation facility was looking to replace outdated & non-working 1000w Metal Halide fixtures in their Airport Hangar.

  2. Their administration offices were in need of updated fixtures.

  3. Their exterior fixtures needed to be replaced with Efficient LED parking lot lights and building floodlights for safety and superior light coverage.


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